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Bled Number One

Directed by Rabah Ameur-Za meche
France-Algeria (2006)
Audio: French/Japanese simultaneous translation
Subtitles: English
97 min.

Kamel returns to Algeria following a stay in France to find a country that he no longer recognises. He witnesses gangs of youths terrorising local villagers in an attempt to impose their own beliefs and ideals; while at the same time he watches as his old friend Bouzid’s sister is ostracised by her husband and family, all for revealing a desire to sing American jazz and cabaret. The two exiles find themselves drawn to each other as the surrounding culture and social prejudices threaten to drive them from their homeland.

  • - Venue -
  • Sunday, 22nd June 17:00 L´Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo
  • Tuesday, 24th June 19:00 L´Institut Franco-Japonais de Tokyo

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