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The Devil Came on Horseback

Director: Ricki Stern, Anne Sundburg
USA (2007)
Audio: English
Subtitles: Japanese
85 min.
Genre: Documentary

c photo by Gretchen Steidle Wallace

Using the exclusive photographs and first hand testimony of former U.S. Marine Captain Brian Steidle, THE DEVIL CAME ON HORSEBACK takes the viewer on an emotionally charged journey into the heart of Darfur, Sudan. Whilst working for the African Union, Steidle witnessed Sudan’s Arab run government executing a plan to rid the province of its black African citizens. Ultimately frustrated by the inaction of the international community, Steidle resigned and returned to the US to expose the images and stories of lives systematically destroyed.

Warning: This film contains graphic pictures of burnt corpses which some viewers may find disturbing.

  • - Venue -
  • Monday, 23rd June 19:30 Instituto Cervantes de Tokio

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