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Letter To Anna

Director: Eric Bergkraut
Switzerland (2008)
Audio: English/Russian
Subtitles: Japanese
83 min.
Genre: Documentary

c p.s. 72 productions

On 7 October 2006, Vladimir Putin’s 54th birthday, the journalist Anna Politkovskaja- one the President’s fiercest critics- was shot in the lift of her Moscow home. Why was she shot in cold blood, this elegant woman who was always on the side of the weak and those who had no rights? Was it because of the stance she took against the war in Chechnya ? a war that was virtually ignored in the world at large and forced thousands of Chechen people to flee into various countries in Europe; and will the perpetrators ever be brought to justice?

  • - Venue -
  • Thursday, 26th June 17:30 Goethe-Institut Japan

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