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The Promised Land

Director: Tanvir Mokammel
Bangladesh (2007)
Audio: Urdu
Subtitles: English/Japanese
90 min.
Genre: Documentary

c Shafiur Rahman

The Documentary looks at the Urdu-speaking community of Bangladesh - also known as "stranded Pakistanis" or "Biharis" - who live in a situation of "statelessness" in Bangladesh. It is a story which goes back to the painful partition of India in 1947 and the ensuing mass migration of peoples. The big themes of the story are of genocide, nationalism, identity, betrayal, discrimination and exclusion. Hopefully it is also the beginning of a story of reconciliation and inclusive nationhood. Through harrowing interviews, the film considers the origins of the humanitarian plight of the "Biharis" and the current state of limbo.

  • - Venue -
  • Monday, 23rd June 16:30 NHK Fureai Hall

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