F. Life on Foreign Land: Burmese in Japan

©Masaya NODA

F. Life on Foreign Land: Burmese in Japan

Region: Japan, Myanmar
Director: Toshikuni Doi
Country: Japan
Year of production: 2012
Runtime: 100min
Category: Documentary
Launguage (Sound): Japanese, Burmese, English
Launguage (Subtitles): Japanese, No English subtitles

Re-screening of UNHCR Refugee Film Festival 2013 film

In 1991, a young Burmese escaped from the military junta in Myanmar to seek refuge in Japan. Reunited with his wife, he opened a restaurant and lived peacefully for 20 years. Yet he continued to participate in the democratization of Myanmar. This is a moving story covering 14 years spent as a refugee in Japan, torn between his homeland and newly adopted country.


Sunday, 7 Oct. 13:00
Annex Hall, Nagoya International Center (Nagoya)

*Nagoya only