G. Stateless – Where do I belong

Stateless – Where do I belong


Directed by Gen Masayuki

Produced by NHK, Tokyo Video Center

Japan / 2009 / 89 min / Documentary

Language: Japanese with English subtitles



Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Tokyo (Tokyo) / 19h00

Having no country to return to. No passport to be able to own. Constraints on ordinary things like going to school, and finding a job… these are some of the many issues faced by stateless people. One could become stateless when one is deprived of their nationality fleeing from conflict and persecution, children born outside of marriage, second generation boat people. They are people who fall through the cracks between nations, politics and legislations. Together with Professor Chin – who was also once a stateless person herself – the film depicts the diverse stories of stateless populations, and poses critical questions such as “what is nationality?”, “what is homeland?”, and “what does identity mean?”