12th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival 2017

Free admission


1. Reservations: After you select the films and dates of your choice, please make an online application from the website link above.

  • Please make sure you complete your online application by the deadline. *Inquiries by phone or email will not be accepted.
  • You can apply for 3 films at a time. If you would like to see more films, please make another application.
  • Only one application can be made for the same film.
  • For each application, you can apply for up to 2 persons including yourself and one accompanying guest. Only one guest can be registered per application. If you would like to bring a different guest to another film, please make a separate application.*Please have the name, phone number, home address and email address of your accompanying guest ready before you register online.
  • Cancellations and application changes are not accepted.
  • A confirmation email will be sent to you after your online application is completed.*If you have set “Receive designated domain”, “Reject designated domain” or “Reject unapproved emails” in your email system, our email may not be delivered to you or may be classified as spam mail. Please adjust your settings so that you can receive email from rff@japanforunhcr.org . If you are unable to receive our emails even after these adjustments, please contact rff@japanforunhcr.org as soon as possible.

2. Results: You will be notified of the results by email.

  • You will be notified of the results by email about 10 days after the application deadline. *If you do not receive any emails 3 days before film starts, please contact rff@japanforunhcr.org as soon as possible.

Application deadline

Tokyo 18:00 12.Sep(Tue)
Sapporo 18:00 26.Sep(Tue)
Nagoya 18:00 26.Sep(Tue)
Osaka 18:00 10.Oct(Tue)
Fukuoka 18:00 10.Oct(Tue)
Hiroshima 18:00 10.Oct(Tue)

3. Registration at the venues: Your confirmation email will be exchanged for a numbered ticket.

  • Registration will start one hour before the screening. Please show your confirmation email at the reception. The confirmation email can either be printed or displayed on your mobile phone. In exchange, we will give you a ticket with a number reflecting the order of arrival. *Please complete registration at least 10 minutes before the film starts.
  • You will be asked to kindly vacate your seat at the end of each film. Please note that you will be admitted to your seat 20 minutes before the start of the film in the order of your numbered ticket. *All seats are non-reserved and reservation requests will not be accepted.
  • Please note that no one will be admitted after the film begins. You are kindly requested to take a seat before the scheduled starting time.
  • A limited number of same-day tickets will be available at the respective venues one hour before the screening of each film on a first-come first-served basis.

*** Films and/or events may be changed and/or cancelled due to unavoidable circumstances. Thank you for your understanding.