7th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival will take from29 September(Sat) - 8October(Mon), 2012.



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ABOUT 映画祭について

About the 7th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival

2012 has proven to be a very difficult year. Crises in Syria, Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Mali have forced hundreds of thousands of people to flee their homes and seek safety elsewhere. Last year, 4.3 million people became displaced. Every minute, 8 people are forced to flee due to war or persecution.

The UNHCR Refugee Film Festival aims to raise awareness of the world's 43 million refugees and internally displaced persons. It tells the human story behind the numbers. Many refugees have experienced traumatic events and have suffered more than we can understand. And yet, they continue to inspire us with their stories of hope, achievements, generosity and unselfish caring.

When viewing these films, I invite you to imagine what it would mean to you to have to flee your home, lose all belongings, and to seek safety in another country.

How will you react if your neighbourhood is shelled, one of your family members is killed, jailed, or beaten up? Will you stay or flee?

Can you imagine escaping to another country? Will you have a place to sleep, eat, work, and receive medical help? How will you cope?

I hope that the human stories in the films inspire you to make a difference and help in one small way or another one of the millions of people forced to flee war, conflicts and human rights abuses.

Even 1 refugee without future is too many. Do 1 thing and make a difference!

Johan Cels, UNHCR Representative in Japan

Admission Guidelines

  • No admission fees. Donations are welcome.
  • Seats are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Seat reservations are not available.
  • Numbered tickets will be distributed 1 hour prior to every screening at each respective venue.
  • Venues will open to audience members 20 minutes prior to every screening (except in cases where a previous film or Q&A session is still running).
  • Audience members should leave the venue when the film or Q&A session ends.Those who wish to watch another film must queue for that film.

*Since the Global Festa Japan 2012 is held outdoors, there are no admission limits.

Every year, the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival is made possible by generous contributions from various sponsors and individual supporters. Donations in support of the Refugee Film Festival and the work of UNHCR are highly appreciated.


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) provides protection and assistance to the world's refugees. Based in Geneva, Switzerland, the agency was created by the United Nations General Assembly and began work in 1951. People of concern to UNHCR include not only refugees, but also asylum seekers, refugees who have returned home, stateless people, and internally displaced persons.

The UNHCR Office in Tokyo works with the Japanese Government, which is the second largest contributor to UNHCR, as well as non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the private sector to support refugees, both worldwide and in Japan.