7th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival will take from29 September(Sat) - 8October(Mon), 2012.



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2012年10月 2日 11:24


【Film Info】"Our Beloved Sudan"


Using the story of a mixed-race family, personalizing a nation's troubled history, this documentary demonstrates how national issues impact everyday lives. The Sudanese director got access to major players in the country's internecine conflicts and was on hand for the independence of South Sudan in 2011.

The independence of South Sudan on July 2011 is still fresh in our memory. Through a series of interviews of key political figures of both North and South Sudan, "Our Beloved Sudan" reflects on an era of chaos. The interviewees include, Former Prime Minister of Sudan, Sadiq al-Mahdi, Founder of the Anyanya resistance movement, Joseph Lagu, and Secretary General of SPLM North, Yasir Arman, who were key figures of independence. Each reflects personally on the period preceding independence.

"Our Beloved Sudan," the historical trajectory of Sudan from 1956 to 2011, will be screened at the 7th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival.
Title "Our Beloved Sudan"

Directed by Taghreed Elsanhouri
Sudan / 2011 / 93min / Documentary
2011Dubai International Film Festival Official Selection

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