7th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival will take from29 September(Sat) - 8October(Mon), 2012.



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2012年10月 2日 11:10


【Film Info】"What We Saw-Gaza, The children of Samuni family"

A documentary of Palestinian children who lived through the Israeli military's intervention in the Gaza Strip in late 2008. The film depicts how the children of the Samuni family, who lost 29 members in the conflict, have accepted the deaths of their loved ones and how they try to overcome.

From the end of 2008 to the beginning of 2009 the Israeli army invaded the Gaza Strip in Palestine, resulting in the deaths of nearly 1400 people. Mizue Furui, the director of this film, entered Gaza shortly after restrictions on international media were eased, so that she could begin filming the catastrophic situation it left behind. She tries to capture what the invasion meant for the people living there by following the children of the Samuni family who struggle to cope with the events both physically and psychologically.

The director reiterated, "This is an ongoing story, not a story about long ago, but one about children suffering from war at this very moment. We must do our best to hear their voices. "What We Saw-Gaza, The children of Samuni family" will be screened at the 7th UNHCR Refugee Film Festival.
Title "What We Saw - Gaza, The children of Samuni family"

Directed by Mizue Hurui
Japan / 2011 / 86min / Documentary

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