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***Metropolitan Version*** Photojournalist Mr. Ryuichi Hirokawa's Exhibition!



Mr. Ryuichi Hirokawa's "African Refugees and I" photo exhibition will be held at the Instituto Cervantes de Tokio at the same time as the UNHCR Refugee Film Festival.

Date: 2 - 10 October 2010
Place: Instituto Cervantes de Tokio

In April 2010, photojournalist Mr. Hirokawa spent a month documenting the lives of refugees and displaced people from East Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Mr. Hirokawa's works will be displayed on 25 photo panels. They show the daily lives of these people, for example, refugee children running around in the rain and women preparing breakfast. Children also deal with their fathers' coffins, poorly made with wood.

Other stories include those of laborers working with rare metals that support Japanese industries. The exhibition will make you think about the relationship between ourselves and the problems faced by African refugees.

Photographer's profile:
Mr. Ryuichi Hirokawa / Photojournalist, Editor In Chief at Days Japan

Born 1943. Graduated Waseda University in 1967 and went to Israel. After the Six Day War, Mr. Hirokawa conducted interviews in Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan, Chernobyl etc about Middle Eastern-related and nuclear-related problems. Received many awards both in and out of Japan, including the first prize of the IOJ International Photo Report Contest (headquarters in Berlin), Ken Domon prize etc.
Produced about 45 non-fiction books, photography books, novels and translated books. Made many Middle East and nuclear-related television reporting programs. Produced the documentary "Palestine 1948 Nakba."
Created the monthly photojournalism magazine "Days Japan" in March 2004. Currently works as Chief In Editor.
Received the Japanese Photographer Association Prize in 2009.

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(c) Ryuichi Hirokawa

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