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Home > 25 June Goethe Institut I BROKE MY FUTURE: Zomahoun

25 June Goethe Institut I BROKE MY FUTURE: Zomahoun


Special Speaker for the screening of I BROKE MY FUTURE: PARADISE EUROPE on June 25 at 17:30 at the Goethe Institute: Zomahoun-Dossou-Cyr-Rufin

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Mr. Zomahoun, originally from Benin, has been living in Japan for the last 14 years. His talk will focus on the issues and complexity of integration for African communities outside of their home countries; drawing on his own personal experiences of doing so in Japan.

Mr. Zomahoun is the General Manager of the IFE Foundation and Senior General Manager of the NPO, IFE.

IFE supports the cooperation of African countries with Japanese and other Asian countries in the fields of education, culture, technology and medicine; as well as propelling their mutual understanding.

IFE is composed of Beninese foundation IFE and Japanese NPO, IFE.

Mr. Zomahoun is a graduate from Benin National University, Beijing University of Language and Culture, and holds a PhD from Sophia University, Japan.

Apart from his NGO work, Mr. Zomahoun also works with Office Kitano.


For more information:

Zomahoun’s website: http://www.zomahoun.com/en/

Office Kitano website: http://www.office-kitano.co.jp/