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Home > 26 June, Instituto Cervantes de Tokio: Screamers Director Carla Garapedian

26 June, Instituto Cervantes de Tokio: Screamers Director Carla Garapedian

Screamers Director Carla Garapedian Visits Tokyo for Japan Premiere

carla garadepian.jpg

Director Carla Garapedian will be in Tokyo June 25th and 26th for the Japan premiere of her critically acclaimed documentary Screamers at the Third Annual Refugee Film Festival.  The weeklong festival, a UNHCR initiative raising awareness for the plight of the world’s 33 million refugees and internally displaced persons, opens June 20th with showings of over thirty award winning documentaries, features, and short films.  Screamers will play Thursday, June 26th at the Instituto Cervantes de Tokio.



Screamers, an impassioned synthesis of concert film and political expose, tours with Grammy-award winning rock band System of a Down on its intensely personal campaign to stop genocide.  Chronicling the band’s efforts to persuade both the British and U.S. governments to recognize Armenian genocide, it also traces the history of modern-day genocide ? and its denial ? from pre-WWI Turkey to present day Darfur.


            Dr. Garapedian is the only American ever to anchor BBC World News.  She holds a Ph.D. in international relations from the London School of Economics and began her journalistic career as a correspondent for NBC before moving on to become a director and anchor at the BBC.  Described recently by the L.A. Times as ”documenting truth in dangerous places,” she has since been involved writing, producing and directing award-winning documentaries on Afghani women in Lifting the Veil, Russian war crimes in Chechnya in Dying for the President, starvation and cannibalism in North Korea in Children of the Secret State, and the Iranian student movement in Iran Undercover, which won the prestigious Edward R. Murrow award as part of PBS’s Frontline World series.



            Praise for Screamers …


“Invigorating and articulate”

                                                                                    The New York Times


                                                                                    The Village Voice


                                                                                    The LA Times

                                                                        “A brilliant film.  Everyone should see it.”

                                                                                    Larry King, CNN

                                                                        Best Non-Fiction Film Selection 2006/7