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Home > 23 June NHK Fureai Hall, REPATRIATION DAY, Speaker from Peace Winds Japan

23 June NHK Fureai Hall, REPATRIATION DAY, Speaker from Peace Winds Japan

23 June, NHK Fureai Hall, 19:30


Peace Winds Japan : Mr. Hiroaki ISHII


This documentary produced by Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) captures the real voices of the returnees who lived in refugee camps in Sierra Leone which Peace Winds Japan is responsible for. PWJ video team accompanied with the repatriation convoy by UNHCR from the camp to their home, Liberia, following the end to a 14-year civil war, and filmed from their registration for the repatriation until their arriving at their hometown in Liberia. It also includes the interviews with those returnees.


Peace Winds Japan (PWJ) is an NGO, dedicated to the support of people in distress, threatened by conflict, poverty, or other turmoil. With its headquarters in Japan, PWJ has been active in various parts of the world. The basic concept of PWJ has been "to provide necessary support to people in need" since its establishment in l996. Beyond national boundaries, PWJ has carried out support activities for refugees who fled their countries, domestic refugees who suffer in their own countries, disaster victims and poverty-stricken people, regardless of their ethnic background, political stance, religion or faith. PWJ’s action ranges from emergent humanitarian actions to reconstruction / development. PWJ has executed assistance projects in 17 countries including Afghanistan, Iraq, Mongol, East Timor, Liberia and Sudan.


Hiroaki ISHII is former Chairperson of Peace Winds Japan. Hiroaki have been Counrty Representative on the ground of various countries such as Liberia, Sierra Leone, Albania & kosovo and Mongol.  He graduated from Monterey Institute of International Studies, The California State University.