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22 June NHK Fureai Hall, NAKBA, Q&A with Director: Ryuichi Hirokawa

‘A single photograph has the power to change the course of a nation.’

                                                    DAYS JAPAN Magazine


Ryuichi Hirokawa to Appear at the Refugee Film Festival


Ryuichi Hirokawa, renowned war photographer and editor-in-chief of DAYS JAPAN, will be in attendance for the screening and Q&A session of his documentary film Nakba as part of the UNHCR’s Third Annual Refugee Film Festival.  The program will begin 4 pm on Sunday, June 22nd at NHK Fureai Hall.


Nakba, meaning disaster or catastrophe in Arabic, chronicles the suffering of Palestinians removed from their native villages when the state of Israel was created in 1948.  The consequences of that forced exodus continue to this day, with many still living in refugee camps in neighboring countries.  Mr. Hirokawa’s story is told through the collective imagery and personal narratives of a long and distinguished career as a photojournalist in the Middle East.


Born in 1943, Mr. Hirokawa moved to Israel and worked on a Kibbutz soon after graduation from Waseda University in 1967.  He has been deeply involved in Palestinian and regional affairs ever since, working in stretches also in Eastern Europe on such issues as the nuclear accident at Chernobyl.  In 2003, he founded the photojournalism magazine DAYS JAPAN, where he now serves as editor-in-chief and presides over the prestigious DAYS JAPAN International Photojournalism Awards.


For further information on Nakba, its RFF screening, and Ryuichi Hirokawa, please click the following links;





A partial list of notable awards for Ryuichi Hirokawa:

1982    Yomiuri Photo Grand Prize

(for photos of the civil war in Lebanon and massacres in Beirut)                        

1983    International Organization of Journalists Prize

1989    Kodansha Publishers Prize

(for reports of nuclear  accidents in Chernobyl and Three Mile Island)

1993        Sankei News Children’s Prize

(for the collection of photographs “From Chernobyl ? Teacher Nina and Children”)

1998        Japan Journalist Congress’ Special Prize

(for the book, “The Battlefield of Human Beings”)

1999        Japan Journalist Peace Prize

(for the collection of photographs “Lost 458 Villages in Chernobyl”)